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Turn your journey to the Kruger National Park into a VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY

The N4 highway takes the motorist from Gauteng (Johannesburg and Pretoria) 500km to Kruger and Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

Travellers along the N4 flash past incredible stories and places of great interest because they are unaware of what they're missing. With The N4 Book the journey becomes part of the adventure, letting you connect with the landscape.

Now, with The N4 Book, the Road to Maputo, you can read about the incredible history, amazing nature and remarkable geology that this great road takes you through. The N4 Book is packed with factual stories relevant to landmarks visible from the road.

In The N4 Book, read all about

How the South African War (Anglo-Boer War) was waged along a line corresponding with the highway, where and how the Boer government retreated, where battles were fought and English soldiers kept prisoner;

Scenes and monuments from South Africa's liberation struggle, tales of land dispossession, repression and famous figures in the war of liberation;

The gold, diamonds, coal, manganese, chrome, steel, magnesite, ochre and other minerals that are mined and processed along this route, literally a mining treasure trove;

How the tragedy and bloodshed of Mozambique's civil war made the route you today drive in comfort one of the world's most dangerous roads;

The N4 Book is packed with anecdotes and stories. It's the perfect companion for the long drive to Kruger, the Lowveld and Mozambique.
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